There comes a point in our lives that we desire for companionship. Sometimes, that companionship can be answered in the form of a pet. There are several domesticated animals that you can choose from if you want a pet. You can have a dog, a fish or even a parrot. However, there’s a special thing when it comes to having a pet cat.

Having a cat is a common choice for a lot of people who desire a pet. While some people may prefer dogs, cats also make great pets. But why do cats make great pets anyway? What makes them so special? Here are just a few of the wonderful things about cats.

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One of the greatest qualities of cats is their cleanliness. It’s often that you’d see them grooming themselves by licking their fur. Not unless you have a long-haired feline, grooming cats are easy. They don’t really need frequent brushing or bathing but you need to brush their fur from time to time. Keeping an eye on your cat’s diet is also important if you want to keep their coat smooth and glossy. Cats are naturally clean and generally like to be clean

It’s quite often that we see cats being depicted as smart or cunning in pop culture or movies. Though not similar in nature, cats really are intelligent. They use their wits to solve simple problems and they do it without help quite often. Cats exhibit their intellectually prowess when hunting prey as well, looking to find ways in cornering their foes. This characteristic allows cats to become trainable and manageable at home.

What makes cats excellent pets at home is how they act in your home. Usually, cats would just lie around the house all day without a care in the world. They don’t need to exercise much nor to do they need to be taken out of the house often. Once a cat gets used to your house, you can assure yourself that he or she will treat it as her home in no time.

Contrary to popular belief, cats are actually very affectionate creatures. Though they may not show it from their facial expressions or thirst for attention, there are times when they just approach you and just want to cuddle. Cats have their own little ways of showing their affection and you shouldn’t take them for granted.

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